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date ideas

Before clicking the date or family fun activity, read all the hints, then select the one you want to do first. Don’t click any others, only the one you want to do first. Next, pick a day and time for making memories, add it to the calendar, and fill in the missing pieces. After you’ve done that date or family fun activity, mark it as complete. Then, select a different date or family fun day or do the date again with one of the different options.  

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savings pass

Remember to log in to your account on your phone (check the remember me box) & save this page to your home screen. When you’re at a local business, present your savings pass to the employee and they will either click redeem (twice so it removes it from your account) or ask you to. As a reminder, each offer is good for one use only. We are adding new offers monthly; be sure to check your pass to see new offers available. 


you want to redeem your offer?