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Frequently Asked Questions

No top secret clearance needed. After you’ve hit that ‘order’ button, sit tight for just a few minutes then check your email for access to you account (check your spam folder if you don’t have it within a few minutes).

Once at a business present your digital savings pass (be sure you are signed in on your phone) to the employee and they will either ask you to press the redeem button, or they will press redeem. Once the redeem button has been pressed, it will ask if you are sure you want to redeem this offer. If you click yes, that offer will no longer be available to use until you renew your pass, provided the business is still offering that offer.  If you click no, that offer will remain available until the business is no longer offering that offer.

In addition to the local savings, we have put together ideas for date nights or family fun. In your account you will find a spot with a hint for date ideas & family fun. When you are ready to go on that date or family fun day, click the photo and it will bring up more details for you to fill in the missing pieces.

We’ve also asked local businesses to include date ideas for their business. If you prefer, you can pick a locally owned business you want to support and do their date.

We’re not the bossy type that says, ‘You must dine at a Sushi restaurant’ or ‘Bowling or bust!’ We’re more like the cool friend who whispers, ‘Hey, here are some awesome ideas—now go make it your own!’

Think of us as your date night wingman, setting the stage with inspiration, but leaving the spotlight for your creativity to shine. And let’s face it, not every town has horse drawn carriages or gelato stands on the corner, so we’re all about embracing the uniqueness of your neck of the woods.

Take turns being the date night MVP—plan the extra details one month, let your partner take the lead the next, and voila! You’ve got yourselves a recipe for a date night adventure that keeps the romance fresh and all your friends jealous.

Ah, the eternal question: How long should date night last? Whether it’s a quick rendezvous or an evening that feels like it’s scripted by the rom-com gods, the perfect duration is the one that leaves you both wanting just a bit more. For those type A people who need to plan everything down to the last minute, let’s say an average of 2 hours and 37 minutes?

I’m serious, we were asked this question. I say, you be you. 

We can’t give away all our secrets. What we can tell you is each date in your account includes an option for a date night (or day) out, a date at home, and a family fun version. 

We provide the foundation for the date so you don’t have to come up with ideas or argue about what to do this weekend. All you need to do is fill in the missing pieces. We provide a few ideas for each date so if you enjoyed the date, you can do it again and again at a different local business.

In addition to unique dates, many of our local business owners have included an idea for a date night at their business for you to try.

If you want more ideas for date night, sign up for our emails & follow-us on social media.

Ditch the rulebook, sunshine! Dates are like pizza – delicious any time of day. While some ideas might be evening-friendly, the key ingredient is quality time with your special someone. So, grab coffee at sunrise, cuddle under the moonlight, or conquer a daytime adventure together. As long as you’re having fun and making memories, it’s a date night win!

Of course! Date nights are awesome, but who says family and friends can’t join the fun? Grab the squad and our digital savings pass for a bonding extravaganza! Save some green while supporting local gems. It’s a win-win-win… for your wallet, your community, and your social butterfly reputation.

We are continuing to add new locally owned businesses monthly, so you will see the list grow month after month. For the most current list of businesses, visit our Places to Save page.

If you know a locally owned business who you think would be a great fit, have them send us a message. There is no cost for locally owned businesses to be included. 

Fear not, weary parents! We’ve got a secret weapon: at-home date night ideas!  While you might need to bribe the kids with ice cream, you should be able to enjoy a date night at home full of laughter, love, and local goodies.

Each paid membership is good for one (1) full year. After a year, you will need to renew your membership to receive all current offers again. 

Please note, the dates and family fun ideas do not change when you renew your membership, those will remain in your account as they are now. Renewing your membership gives you access to the current offers for another year. Because the dates do not change, we will be offering the renewal at a discounted rate. Please check your email a week before your membership expires for complete details.

Of course! When you click the buy page we have an option to send this as a gift.

Our savings pass makes a great teacher gift, it’s a great gift for those new to the area (we have many Realtors who give this as a closing gift), grandparents could buy this as a Christmas gift for their married children & the other part of the gift, offer to babysit the kids while they enjoy a date night out each month.

Already a date night pro? High five! But listen up, lovebirds. This pass is your secret weapon so you don’t forget date nights. Bonus, you’re supporting the local businesses that make your city awesome. Plus, these dates are designed to be anything but ordinary. Ditch the movie routine and embark on unexpected adventures. Think of it as spicing up your date nights with a dash of local flavor and serious savings.

New lovebirds, listen up! Spark those early flames with local date ideas that are easy on the wallet. Impress your special someone with your resourcefulness and adventurous spirit. This pass is like training wheels for date night mastery.

Depending on when you purchased your savings pass membership offers may change due to unforeseen circumstances. For example, a business is no longer in business or the business contract with us ends and they choose not to extend an offer. Our goal is to bring awareness to local businesses you may not have been aware of and help them grow so they don’t have to close their doors. 

Approximately one week before your membership ends, you will receive an email from us asking if you would like to renew your membership.  If you would like to, there will be a link to renew at a discounted rate. 

Unless otherwise noted, each offer is good for one use per year. 

If you choose to renew your membership after one year, all the current offers will be available to you again. 
When you renew, the dates and family fun ideas remain the same which is why we offer renewals at a lower rate when you purchase via the email we send.

In the footer there is a section “for businesses”. Click the “list your special” link and submit your information. All business we feature need to have a Google review rating of 4.0 or higher.

Send us an email at


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