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Must Have Cruise Essentials

you're going on a cruise ...

No matter which cruise line you choose, there are certain essential items that are universal to a cruise and then there are the extras, like below. You don’t have to have the extras, but it makes cruising a little better. If you’re prone to motion sickness, don’t forget to pack motion sickness bands or medication.

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These make great stocking stuffer gifts too!

Our Favorite Cruise & Travel Essentials

A MUST HAVE FOR ANY AIR TRAVEL. Wine, Liquor, Spirits Protector Sleeves. “These durable bottle travel sleeve protector bags can be used repeatedly in luggage for cars, planes, and cruises. It’s simple and easy to use with wine, beer, champagne, spirits, liquor, olive oil, perfumes and other fragile glass bottles.”

Towel Bands, Beach & Pool & Cruise Chairs, Stretch Silicone Beach Towel Clips. Super small, lightweight, easy to pack and carry + they take up less packing space in your luggage than towel clips. A new alternative for towel clips

Elastic Sleeves for Leak Proofing. These silicone sleeves help to prevent the liquid leaking in your makeup bag, toiletry bag or luggage.

I ONLY WISH I HAD FOUND THESE 25 YEARS AGO. Foldable Water Shoes.This footwear crosses over from beach to studio, couch to commute, and everything in between! With a snug, ergonomic fit and a flexible range of motion, these shoes are perfect for around the pool, at home, or in the yoga studio.

Cruise Luggage Tags. If you have cruised before you know why I recommend these.

OH WHAT LUCK, YOU FOUND A DUCK. Hiding ducks on cruises is a thing. Hide yours and see how many you find! Do a search for cruise duck groups to see all the fun people have with ducks.

TRAVEL SIZE Downy WrinkleGuard, Wrinkle Release Fabric Spray. It’s true, you can’t bring an iron or your steamer on a cruise. This keeps your clothes looking neat without the hassle of irons and steamers & the travel size saves space in your luggage.

Dramamine Non-Drowsy, Motion Sickness Relief, Made with Natural Ginger. The keyword here is NON-DROWSY. If you have never cruised, I highly recommend bringing a bottle. I also recommend this if you can’t handle roller coaster rides like you used to, game changer on rides.

Cruise Approved USB C Travel Power Strip. Cruise lines require that power strips DO NOT have Surge Protection and this one meets the requirements. I have a few of these and bring them on all our trips, not just cruises.

Pelican 2 Pack Marine Floating Waterproof Phone Case. “This waterproof pouch will keep your phone full functional and 100% protected from water making it one of the best cruise, vacation and travel essentials / accessories to have.”

Less Expensive Waterproof Case. Not everyone wants to spend the big dollars on a Pelican case (like me). 

Waterproof Cruise Lanyard. Not everyone wants or really needs one. I choose to keep my sea pass with my phone, but for kids, these are great. Let them pick their favorite color and design, there are so many to choose from.

3 Speed Small Room Air Circulator Fan. Great travel fan.

TRAVEL DRINK & PHONE HOLDER. “Travelers call is the best innovation ever.” If you love being hands-free when traveling, you will love this. This fits over your roll-on travel luggage and makes getting a cup of coffee or a drink at the airport easier to manage. Plus a place to place your phone.

Magnetic Hanger for Cabins. Over and over again, you will hear people say these are a cruise necessity. I have to be honest, I just bought them and will be trying them on our next cruise. 

TRAVEL CORD ORGANIZER. An item I can’t travel without after ordering. It’s so easy to find our chargers now when digging through my bag and only have to grab this. Esp. when I am flying and don’t have a lot of space. There are a lot of colors to choose from!

Portable Safe Box. Mini safe lock box comes with a removable sturdy wire chain. Be in the pool or on the beach without having to worry that items have been left unattended.

Natural Anti Chafing Stick. Chaffing happens, even on cruises.

Mini refillable perfume bottle for traveling. The perfect solution for traveling with your favorite fragrances, essential oils, and aftershaves that SAVE ROOM. Do you really need to bring that BIG, glass, bottle of perfume? Problem solved.

Ship Happens! Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray. Leaves your small, cruise room bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Simply spray the water in the bowl with Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray before using the toilet to prevent odors before they begin!

GLASS NAIL FILE. This three-pack is great to have one at home, one in the car, and one for your cruise. Once you start using glass nail files you’ll never use an old school emery nail file again.

MAKE YOUR OWN DOOR DECORATIONS. This paper is great for those who want to make their own door decorations. If you aren’t sure how to make them, Canva is your friend. If you are wondering why do people make door decorations? Think those who have had to much to drink they can easily find their room and those who have kids, helps the kids find the room quicker vs saying “Is there are room? Is this our room?”

SKYJO. My current FAVORITE GAME! You’re right, this isn’t a must-have, but we love to bring a game to a lounge or indoor bar and enjoy a drink while playing a game. It’s also great for disembarkation day when you’re waiting and waiting to leave the ship.

Have fun!

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